Heart Song is Betsy Brown / Betsy Brown is Heart Song


Heart Song Ministry is Betsy Brown.

HeartSongMinistry.org is Betsy Brown online.

On this website you can expect to find much of what Betsy is doing in the world, but not necessarily all of it. It’s a beautiful, crazy world, and Betsy is somewhere in it right now praising the Creator the best she knows how.

Be blessed.

In 1979, Betsy’s call was the world. Today, the country count is 40 and growing. Betsy’s heart and passion is to facilitate getting the message of Jesus to those who have never heard. Some needy nations and peoples have physical and social needs, but have full access to this message. Others have no chance of ever hearing.

In the 1990’s God began to shift Betsy into these kind of nations and among these kinds of peoples. Often these people are hostile to religions from the West, but Betsy has found a freedom in having conversations about Jesus while respecting the laws of the land and helping share God’s love through simple humanitarian efforts whenever that is most appropriate. However, the love of Jesus is in all that Betsy does around the world.

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